Friday, February 12, 2016

Till we "Meet" again

Hello everyone! I hope everything is going good. This week seemed to
be a busy one for Sister Nguyen and I. We were able to played football
(soccer) with our district last week which was really fun. Now that it
is getting warmer and warmer, we are starting to do a lot more things
outside. I think for this past month that I've been here in Clapham,
it's only rained once which has been really nice! The rest of the week
kept Sister Nguyen and I running around. We had MLC on Tuesday so we
made our travels out to Staines. It was really nice to be able to see
my old companion, Sister Hamann, and to hear how Redruth (my old area)
was doing. President gave us some good teachings and council and then
together as a leadership, we discussed ways we could improve in the
work and how we can become even better as missionaries. That evening
after MLC, Sister Nguyen and I were planning to go to a street and
contact some potentials but we suddenly felt impressed to go visit
some former investigators. They are a family of 3. When we had arrived
at their home, the mom welcomed us in with open arms. They are from
India and have been raised up in a different religion but did take the
time to listen to missionaries before. We were able to go through the
Book of Mormon with them and they seemed to really like that.
Afterwards, we were able to extend an invitation to them to attend
church which they accepted. The week continued and Sister Nguyen and I
attended DLC and had our meeting with the district leaders and zone
leaders this time about our zone which went really good. And to top
off the week of meetings, the very next day we had zone training with
our zone, our Mission President and his wife, along with the
assistants. It was really good. Something that stood out to me was
when President Gubler showed us a picture of the tree of life and we
talked about that as a zone. President talked about how Lehi prayed to
get out of the darkness and how he had to wander for some time but
then he saw the light of the tree of life. What was really neat as
well is when President Gubler asked us, "Who has the hold of the Iron
Rod?" He then had us turn to 2 Nephi 31:17 and simply said, "The
baptized members." At first I wasn't quite sure of what he was trying
to tell us but it made sense to me as we continued to discuss. As
missionaries, Everyone we see on the streets (who aren't members) are
in the dark. They have no path, no rod, no light to follow. These
precious children of God are wandering in the dark with no hope in
life. If we were them, we might act like them as well. It's important
to be able to show those who are in the dark the Iron Rod. This really
helped me to understand the significance of my calling. Overall, this
week has been filled with miracles! We were able to see at the end of
this past week something incredible happen. Not only did the family of
3 that we (Sister Nguyen and I) are teaching come to church, but so
did an older couple that the other sisters were teaching come to
church and as well as a former investigator that the elders had
taught. 6 people! It's incredible how the floodgate of miracles has
truly opened. I'm grateful to be a part of this work. And to top it
off, our district for preparation day got to go see Big Ben and the
London Eye. It was really fun to be able to walk across the bridge.
Because we are the London South Mission, our mission only covers
halfway to the bridge that is going towards Big Ben but we still were
able to see it from our boundary and get pictures so that was fun.
Plus, the London eye is on our side. It's been an incredible week and
the work is hard at times but also rewarding. I hope all of you have a
great week!
Sister Burtis

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