Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Treasure Hunt for Salvation

Hello Everyone! The missionary work is truly moving forward! I'm so
grateful for the opportunity to be out here in England. There is such
a great work to do and although it isn't easy, it is so worth it. This
week consisted of a lot of finding and more opposition than usual but
we learned a lot and trust that there will be great things to come. In
fact, there already have been great things and miracles that have
come. Our week started out with a lot of street contacting and it
continued throughout the week. Sister Fromgren and I have really
focused on talking to everyone on the streets, tubes (underground
train), and buses, and it has been really good. We were able to attend
the YSA family home evening with one of our investigators and that
went really well. The senior couple, the Cherringtons, always organise
this and institute on Wednesdays and they do a good job. It has made
me think of being a senior missionary myself when I grow up because
there's still even a great work for us to do at that time. Last
Tuesday, our zone came together and had specialised zone training with
President Gubler and Sister Gubler and the assistants. It was really
spiritual and we learned a lot! President Gubler emphasised the
importance of D&C 4 and how we are called to labour in the field that
is white already to harvest. It's amazing how many times we have heard
this but it never gets old. I am amazed by the miracles that have been
provided by the Lord for all of us here in the zone. After president
Gubler and Sister Gubler gave us some training, we had lunch and then
we had a presentation given to us by the assistants. As part of this
presentation, they had us split into our districts and we got to do a
treasure hunt around the chapel. One of the assistants handed our
district a clue and we went to find the next clue. All of us (Elder
Rammell, Elder Hulleman, Sister Fromgren, me, Sister Meyer and Sister
Couper) searched for the next clue. It was really exhilarating and
exciting to be able to go find the next clue. The rules were that we
were to stay within sight and sound of our companion and walk swiftly
and quickly but not run. We also had to keep the rooms clean where we
searched for the clues. It was fun and our searching for clues took
place in the church parking lot, the kitchen, the gym, the primary
room, basically everywhere around the chapel. With each clue, came a
scenario of an investigator. We would need to keep in mind how we
found him, how well he did in progressing in the gospel, and even got
to ask President and Sister Gubler to go on a teach with us for this
investigator. Their reply, "Yes," was another clue. Overall, we ended
up getting 2nd place and it was really great. After we sat down in our
seats, the assistants continued to present and simply said, "Elders
and Sisters, do we have the same excitement and same motivation like
we did in this treasure hunt to find those people in our areas?" It
was a good lesson to learn. I've recognised that I want that same
excitement that I did for the treasure hunt as I do for finding. It's
helped me to come to an understanding of how finding doesn't need to
be boring. We are searching for the children of our Heavenly Father
and helping them to come home. How great our excitement should be for
this! :) We are continually searching for those who are prepared to
receive the restored Gospel and we have faith that there are people
out there. A great miracle we saw this past week was with our
investigator Ada. We extended a baptismal date for Ada for the 23rd of
April and she mentioned that she was a bit nervous about having a date
that early and she also mentioned that she would be working that
weekend. We invited her to pray still and see how she felt. As she did
so, she asked Heavenly Father that if the 23rd of April was right and
if so, that there could be a way that it could be made possible. Just
as she was texting her co-worker about something else, he made mention
to her that the schedules were being completely changed and that she
wouldn't need to work on the 23rd! What a miracle! Ada recognised this
and was so grateful. Come to find out that stake conference was that
weekend, we would need to move the baptism the following weekend and
as we told Ada this, she had great faith and accepted. We explained to
her that perhaps God was seeing her faith and willingness. It's the
same with Abraham and Isaac. Abraham was basically holding a knife
over his son when an angel appeared to him and commanded him to stop.
It taught us and Ada a very important lesson. Often the Lord will ask
us to do something even though we aren't sure why but if we completely
trust Him, we will see the  reasons for why He asked us to do the
things that He did even if the results are not immediate. This past
week has been a great one of learning for me. All the weeks of my
mission have been. I'm grateful to be here and to learn the things
that I have learned. I hope you all have a great week!
Sister Burtis

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