Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Another tool to given to bring about the great Harvest!

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well! What a week! It feels like just yesterday that we had the previous preparation day but looking back at the planner, so much took place! After our last week's preparation day, a flood of miracles came! Sister Wang and I traveled over to Hove and were street contacting to a potential. We talked to a guy who said he was Buddhist but said he would be interested to learn more. We then continued to street contact and met a guy on a bench eating his chips (fries) and started talking to him. It led to a great discussion and eventually we were able to give him a Book of Mormon. We got to the street of the potential's home and knocked on the door. As we did so, a lady named Pendo opened the door and we were able to ask her if she had been taught by missionaries before. She told us that she did and then asked us if we wanted to come in and say hello to her two twin daughters who are around 15! We were so excited and we were able to schedule a return appointment with them. What a miracle! The following day, the Eastbourne sisters got to come over and stay in Brighton with us because of the Zone Training we were going to have. It was very fun to get to know Sister Li and Sister Lowry and we got to spend the evening playing Uno with them, sharing miracles, and talking about our missions. Our Zone Training consisted of the training needed for online proselyting and we were all excited to how it could help us to bring about the great harvest. To be honest, it was a bit of a shock when they told us after zone training, "Ok, you can now go and start using facebook!" I was a bit nervous. After over a year of not using facebook, suddenly a sentence like that seemed to me super weird to hear on my mission. I won't lie, it took me some time to even click the login button that would open up a whole new world of online proselyting. It was a bit strange and hard for me to get used to but now I am coming to a better understanding of how this can really help us in the mission. Already, there are people away on vacations and too busy but willing to add us on Facebook and skype us. We know that this will help the whole mission to continue to bring about the great harvest. It's amazing how the Lord has trusted a group of missionaries to take this worldwide and share the gospel with everyone as we bear our testimonies through messages and posts. Sister Wang and I continued to find more people throughout the course of this week. On one particular day, we were riding the bus, coming back from finding in the park and we started talking to a guy on the bus. The guy expressed that he wasn't interested so we thanked him, wished him a good day, and then looked for others that we could talk to. As we did so, a guy several seats back, repeatedly said, "Girls! Girls!" We thought it might have been a parent talking to his children but soon we came to find out that he was talking to us. This guy came up and sat in the row behind us and said, "I overheard your conversation with the guy and I was curious to what the book was that you were sharing." With the Lord's help and the spirit's assistance, we were able to share with him our testimony and he expressed interest in learning more. God is good! I love this work! We have had some great miracles and great adventures! One evening, Sister Wang and I treked through a wooded forest to find a road and that was quite fun! We joked about how we'd find a squirrel to share the Gospel with. While we never did find that squirrel, we did manage to find a couple cats who were very friendly and came up and approached us after many people said no to our message. :) I am grateful for the great tools that God has given us and for the opportunity I have to be a missionary. I hope you all have a great week! 
Sister Burtis 
 The beautiful land of Brighton

 when everyone says no to our message, the cats come and comfort
us :)

 Funny little store called Choccy Woccy DooDah located in Brighton. The
cakes and everything is made out of chocolate. It's pretty cool! :)


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Had a quick chance last Preparation day to explore Brighton pier and
the seafront. :)
 beautiful sunset in Brighton
my amazing companion, Sister Wang and I

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