Wednesday, November 2, 2016

  A week filled with treats not tricks.


Trunk or Treat

Hello dear family and friends! So much has happened and I am so
grateful for the hand of the Lord in this great work. Last week, we
were able to go to the Trunk N' Treat at the chapel for the Staines
ward. Guess what we dressed up as? MISSIONARIES :) I think we won the
best costume award or at least, we should have ;) When we got there,
one of the part member families that we were teaching was there and it
was great because the husband (who's not a member) really enjoyed it
and got talking to a lot of the members. I got to know a lot more of
the members as well as we walked around the different trunks and got
to see how everything was decorated!  It was a lot of fun. It's a
shame to say that although this is probably an American tradition, I
had never been to a Trunk N' Treat until just this past week. It was a
great turnout though and lots of the members showed up. I think a hard
part of it was hearing the Halloween music from some car speakers.
Myself and my companions wanted to rock out to "Thriller" by Michael
Jackson but we knew that we could handle it and it was all worth the
sacrifice. We were able to do a lot of finding and contacting this
week and we actually got to meet a guy named Hassan on the bus. When
we got talking to him, his English was pretty limited but he seemed to
understand our purpose. The best part of it all was that he said he's
planning to come to our English class that our ward mission leader
teaches! It was such a great miracle! Last weekend, we were able to
teach our friend, Sue, and Sue is doing so good! She's got a heart of
gold and is so humble and so willing to learn more about our message.
As we have followed up on her scripture reading, she's doing really
good and continues to say, "I think the Book of Mormon is true." We
got to teach her about the gospel of Jesus Christ and she got so
excited as we approached the topic of baptism and Holy Ghost. The best
part of it all was that she came to church and that she loved it. The
members were so good to her and reached out to her with love. We were
able to teach Sue again just recently and as we asked how she liked
church, she smiled, and said, "I loved the things I learned. I want to
come again!" What a miracle! Phil, her husband, is working a lot but
also wants to learn so we are hoping that we can see the both of them
baptised before the end of the month. They have such great potential!
Halloween was really good here. Not a lot of England people celebrate
it as crazy as the Americans do but we were still able to see a lot of
people with their kids, dressed up, and trick or treating. That
Halloween evening, we got to do a FHE activity with Laura, our friend,
and got to cook butternut squash soup and share a message with her. It
was a lot of fun and her husband even joined as well. The Lord is so
good to us and though there seems to be a lot of opposition of times,
I know that the Saviour is with us and is guiding us. Some funny
things that happened this week was that since I came into Staines, we
needed to get another bed frame for my mattress. For a period of time,
I was sleeping on the mattress on the floor but it didn't bother me
because the mattress was comfy. This past week, we finally got a bed
and Sister Manage and I put it together. It was quite funny because
the wooden panels on it were really bent and it was a bit cheap so as
I got on the bed, it held the mattress up just fine as I slept but
then the next morning, the wood panels came down. It was a pretty
cheap bed frame I think but it's all good now and holding up together!
:) We also got to clear up our flat and have our carpets cleaned.
Apparently, the carpet hadn't been cleaned for a while and the flat
has been used by many missionaries before me and my two companions. We
got to clear out tons of clothes and things left behind by other
missionaries and ended up throwing away tons of things. It's been such
an eventful week! I'm so grateful to be a part of this work and I know
that the Lord is truly aware of our needs. I know He loves all of us
and really wants the best for us! I love you all and hope you all have
a great week!
Sister Burtis

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