Sunday, October 4, 2015

Moments of frustration lead to something learned or something good.


Warning: If a sudden urge or desire to send Hedwig or any other owls with mail towards my way, please send them temporarily to the mission office address located below, thanks!) ;) 

Hello all! I can't even begin you all how many miracles we have seen take place this past week. I just want to say how grateful I am for the gospel. Sister Hamann and I were able to watch the women's general conference session this past Sunday with a member and I learned so much from it! Also shout out to the choir. I was so exited when they announced that the music would be sung by girls from Cache Valley. I proudly declared that Cache Valley was where I was from. It was fun to see several people that I knew including Janessa and her sister, Mckenna! You guys did great and I loved the songs that were sung. Overall, as we watched that broadcast, the spirit was felt so strongly and I'm grateful to be able to be spiritually fed by the leaders called of God. I'm excited to know that this was one of the slices of spiritual cake that I got to eat and the rest I get this weekend with General Conference coming up. I'm also curious to see who the three next apostles are. Something that really stood out to me, said by President Uchtdorf, was that faith will fortify my footsteps and that hope will open my eyes to see the glories that God has for me. Often, especially this week, I have felt a bit impatient with myself and also the outcomes. I realize that I need to be less harder on myself because a mission isn't there to make you frustrated. There was one day,  we were going around and trying to find and it just seemed that there was no one who wanted to stop and listen. I think that's when I felt a bit frustrated and wondered silently what I was doing wrong. We kept searching and searching for those who are prepared to hear the gospel but we just couldn't seem to find them. Just as we were going towards the bus, we passed a man (his name is Mark) and we decided that we needed to talk to him. We did and he stopped and listened to us. He was really nice and said that he had a strong belief in God. We invited him to prayerfully read the Book of Mormon and invited him to be baptized if he were to come to find out the Book of Mormon was true and he said yes!  I learned much from this experience and I've learned a lot from this past week as well. This week, in my personal studies, I've been reading a talk titled, "The Fourth Missionary" by Lawrence E. Corbridge.
 It talks about how we can change and become more like the Savior. Often times, there will be frustrating moments but they help us grow. Without those frustrating moments, we wouldn't learn patience, humility, and all the christ like attributes. God didn't design us to be sad. He created us to be happy. If we trust him, the world will become brighter. I believe this to be true. I want to really just be able to trust more and not rely so much on the outcomes. I know that Heavenly Father wants me to learn much while I'm out here on my mission and I feel that I have learned many lessons this past week which I'm so grateful for. Sister Hamann and I have been able to do a lot of work in the Redruth area. Seeing that we are in the Plymouth zone, usually one or two days of each week requires that we travel which uses up some of our working time. However, this week, we were able to stay in our area a lot longer and we got a lot done. We were able to go finding and find lots of potentials, contact less actives, serve members, teach members, and teach our friends and investigators. We are actually to the point where we can't fit anything else into our schedule. It's going to be busy this upcoming week but I'm excited. We also have an exchange we are doing with the Newton Abbot sisters and so that will keep us busy  but it'll be fun! We are continually striving to be better at approaches, working on fearing no man, and testifying of what we know to be true. I've noticed that I am able to feel the spirit more this way and I'm grateful to be able to better my approaches more and more . Sometimes I get stuck on what I should say but I know that the spirit is the master teacher and that as long as I speak with love, everything else will be ok. I love my area so much. I'm so grateful to be out here in Cornwall. I often tell my companion that I hope I don't get transferred because there is much work to be done here and I know that Cornwall has so much potential and is growing bigger and bigger. I have faith though that where the Lord needs me is where I will go and be. My companion and I are getting along great. Often times, I reflect and wonder how I got so lucky with getting a great companion like Sister Hamann. We did have our ups and downs and this past week, we were a bit annoyed and frustrated at each other but we really learned to sit down, talk about what was on our minds, and compromise with each other. I know that this will prepare me for the future and I'm not grateful that we had to go through disagreements but I know that there was much I learned from them and things I noticed that I needed to really improve on. The work is going great here in Redruth. I'm so grateful to be here. Often, there are times where I wonder if I can go any longer or if I can keep my eyes open or my feet continually moving but then I'm given a reassurance that everything will be ok and that the Lord is on my side and is there to help me if I turn to him. I love you all! 
Sister Burtis 
P.S. If you guys want to send letters, send them temporarily to the address below until I know for sure about transfers. We will get told in two weeks but since it takes a while for letters to get out here, then it's better safe to send them to the mission office. Thanks! Love you!
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