Monday, October 26, 2015

The days of winter are comin'

Hello! Greetings from the rainy lands of England. The weather is
starting to show us signs of winter and I guess I'll have to accept
that considering it is coming close to November now. We have been
definitely spoiled considering we haven't had too much rain this past
month and a lot more sunshine. The only down side to the work here is
that it gets darker around 5-6pm now and a lot more chillier. We just
had our clocks set back an hour now so it gets even darker earlier in
day. But that's ok! That doesn't stop Sister Hamann and I from
working. :) The work is hastening on. I can't even begin to think
where to start. Heavenly Father has continually blessed us in our work
and I am so grateful to be here to help others and share the gospel
with them. Some few miracles that were seen. First, we were able to
extend a baptism date out to one of our investigators and he accepted.
That was exciting. We are continually having faith and praying for him
and he's doing pretty good! Robert (that's his name) was able to come
out to stake conference with us this past week and it was his first
time coming to church. He told us it had been much different than
other churches he has seen but he didn't feel nervous and he really
enjoyed it. Geoffry was able to come as well and it brought so much
joy to my heart knowing that these two were able to come and feel the
spirit as we were able to listen to the speakers and the songs sung by
the choir. Robert and Geoffry also got to meet President Gubler (our
mission president) which was really great too! Throughout this past
week, we have been able to teach our friends, give them chapel tours,
and help them see the blessings that come from the gospel. We were
able to find more people as well to teach. It's not been easy and
often times, we are cold or tired but we push ourselves to keep going
and it's usually during those times that we see the miracles. One
evening we went finding just before our dinner hour and it was pretty
dark and cold. We stayed near where the street lamps were around so it
wasn't too bad. We could have went in with the five minutes remaining
before our dinner time but we decided we'd knock a few more houses.
Being dark, a lot of people don't particularly enjoy you knocking on
their doors even if it is 6pm or 7pm but we had faith that someone
could benefit from our message so we pressed forward. Sometimes
miracles can happen right away or take some time but during this time,
Sister Hamann and I knocked on the first door on a particular street
and a lady answered. She took the time to listen and in the end, she
accepted to read the Book of Mormon. She had heard of it before and
had always wondered what it was about and so she was happy to be able
to see for herself what it contained. What a miracle! We have a return
appointment with her and we are excited to be able to teach her. We
also got to meet several other people and having return appointments
with them as well so our coming week will be busy but exciting. I'm so
grateful to be a part of this work. One thing I've really noticed for
this week is the importance of prayer. I often overlooked the
privilege and opportunity of saying prayers to my Father in Heaven
before my mission but since I've been out, I've realized how lucky I
am. My prayers are becoming more and more personal and less and less
repetitive. I'm so grateful to know that our Heavenly Father is always
there. There is a really great mormon message called, "Reflections",
that the church just came out with and Sister Hamann and I were able
to see that. It illustrates how our Father in Heaven is always
listening and the He loves us no matter what. We must never give up on
Him or our Savior. The mormon message is on If any of you
have a chance to look it up, you should :) What a great week! Often
times it's not easy. There are frustrations and challenges that come
our way but I know without a shadow of a doubt, that if we trust in
our Heavenly Father, everything will be ok. I love you all and hope
you are all doing well! Let me know if I can do anything for you :)
With love,
Sister Burtis
P.S. My ponderized scripture for this week is Mark 9:23. All things
are possible to him who believeth.

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