Monday, January 11, 2016

New area, New adventures!

                                          Saying goodbye to Red Ruth
                                                Hello Double decker buses.
                                             New Area. ( My district and I! My companion, Sister Nguyen from Vietnam(pronounced like N'Wing) is the one wearing the black shirt. The one
standing next to me is Sister Couper from Scotland (she just got out in to the mission field and her accent is really cool!) and her trainer, Sister Meyer from Germany, is standing behind us.
                                                People I worked with in Redruth
                                            Me standing in front of my new flat :)
                                                 Good bye to the countryside of Redruth
                                              Traveling "Harry Potter Style"
The city is very fast paced yet so much can happen! Last week
consisted of myself packing and preparing to go to the city. We
arrived at the Crawley chapel and met our new companions. I got to
meet Sister Nguyen and said goodbye to my Australia companion, Sister
Hamann. It's always sad when you say goodbye but it's exciting to see
what the Lord has in store for us in the next part of our missions.
Sister Nguyen and I ended up taking a train back to my new area,
Clapham, and instead of traveling for 5-6 hours home, we traveled only
about 45 minutes which was great! We spent the rest of P-Day cleaning
the flat and writing letters. We had 2 more sisters coming to live in
our flat and the flat being fairly small, we needed to arrange
furniture and move things around to get two study desks in the main
room. It was quite a workout but it was really fun. The two other
sisters that moved in was Sister Couper from Scotland (her accent is
really cool!) and Sister Meyer from Germany. They are such great
sisters and we all get along great. Exercising in the morning is funny
too when you have 4 tired sisters and not much space to move around
it. Some amazing miracles took place this week within a couple days
that we were in Clapham. Sister Nguyen and I were contacting some
referrals and as we knocked on a particular door, no one answered. We
looked across a street and felt impressed to knock on a different
door. We headed over to knock on the door but no one answered. Just as
we got back on the street, we ran into a lady and asked if she was
willing to hear our message. She replied that she wasn't but she knew
a friend of hers who would be. We wrote down that friend's number and
gave her a call. Her name is Fiona and a big miracle we saw was that
Fiona answered and said that we could meet her. The very next day, we
got to teach Fiona (who was a young mother) the restoration and she
told us that she had been looking for a church to join that had
younger people in it because the church she was attending just had
elderly people in it.  We were even able to extend a baptismal date
for the end of January. It was amazing! Fiona is so prepared and since
then, we got to teach her the plan of salvation. I felt such a love
for this woman and could see that she was truly a daughter of God.
Something that stood out to Fiona as we taught her the plan of
salvation was that she could be restored to a perfect body when she
was resurrected. Fiona had a stroke just recently and her left side of
her body, mostly just her left arm, is unable to move or function. I
know that God put Fiona in our way so we could help her and learn from
her. She is so positive and doesn't look at her condition as a setback
but rather she has a smile on her face and pushes through anything she
is given. One thing that was hard for Sister Nguyen and I is the day
that we found out that we couldn't teach Fiona anymore. What had
happened is that since we are close to London, there are a lot more
areas and boundaries that are set for the missionaries. We (the
Clapham missionaries & ward) share the chapel with the crystal palace
missionaries and ward. Because of that, they just recently changed the
ward boundaries and although Fiona lives just 10 minutes away from our
flat, we received news that her street is just barely over the
boundary in Crystal Palace area. It was really hard for us to receive
that news and it took a lot of trust but we know that Heavenly Father
had a plan for her and for us. We have seen so many miracles and I
love working with the people here. There are many cultures from
here....Poland, Portugal, Africa, the Caribbean, Germany, etc. It's
amazing to be a part of the different cultures. One of my favorites
moments of this week was when Sister Nguyen and I got to teach a lady
from Brazil some English. Her name is Lucia and she is a sweetheart!
She gave us fresh mangoes from Brazil a a thank you and it was
delicious! This week has provided so many new opportunities and so
many new adventures. The south London cities consist of many red
double deckers busses, the underground tubes (trains), many street
shops and stores, parks and ponds, and many more things that just make
London unique. I'm excited to continue to learn more and to have many
more adventures as a disciple of Jesus Christ. I love the gospel and
most of all, I love the light it brings to others!
With love,
Sister Burtis

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