Monday, January 25, 2016

Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts

Hello everyone! I hope you are having such a wonderful week! This past
week seemed to be one of the fastest weeks for me since I've been on
my mission. Many new adventures took place this week and I'm excited
to share them with you. We were able to have our world-wide mission
broadcast. It was amazing! It's crazy to think that 75,000 of us
missionaries watched that. The leaders of the church presented to us
how our purpose and emphasis this year would be teaching repentance
and baptizing converts. They really focused on how we can use the
spirit in our teaches more and how we can work together with members
in the work and so many other things. One of my favourite parts was
just the emphasis on how the spirit is the master teacher and how we
as missionaries can prepare ourselves to set the stage for the Holy
Ghost to use us as the Lord's mouthpiece and disciples. I loved the
broadcast and I loved being a part of it. One thing that was mentioned
was that a broadcast like this one hadn't happened for over a decade.
It would be great if they did one each year. I learned so much from
it. After the broadcast, we had something funny happen. Sister Nguyen
and I had received a referral from other elders in a different area
and so we contacted the referral (his name was Andrew) and Andrew
agreed to meet with us. So that evening, we planned to go teach him
and we had a member that was planning on coming out with us as well.
We mentioned to the other sisters and elders that were in our area
that we needed to go and teach a referral named Andrew. The sisters
looked at each other and looked back at us and said, "We taught a
referral named Andrew earlier." We were a bit confused and we all
thought maybe it's a different guy. The elders looked to us and said,
"We've been trying to contact a referral named Andrew for about 8
weeks now." It turns out that the Andrew that we had all received a
referral for was the same guy. The other sisters said they taught him
but didn't get to teach to the whole restoration so we all agreed that
Sister Nguyen and I would go and teach him still. We ended up teaching
Andrew that night and it was funny because he ended up getting two
teaches that day. He is doing great though and is now being taught by
the other sisters. We were able to be a part of many miracles this
week. We had met four different potential investigators on the street
and all of them agreed to have us back to come teach them our message.
Well we had scheduled three of those four people on Friday. They would
be back to back appointments. Sister Nguyen went on an exchange in
Peckham so it was Sister Valoskova and I who went to these
appointments. What was amazing was that none of them cancelled and all
of them went through! So the day, we ended up teaching the restoration
three times and the next day, once more as well. It was incredible!
The only challenge was that with one of our potential investigators,
he had us meet him at Mcdonald's. I've never had to teach at
McDonald's before but it was a public place and as sisters, it was a
rule that we needed to meet with guys in public places if we don't
have a female member with us. Well, we taught him the whole
restoration lesson but it was probably one of the harder things I've
had to do. The pop music in the background was so loud and made it
hard for us to focus on what was being said and it was hard even
trying to feel the spirit. It's something that I definently won't be
doing again with my companion. It just makes me realize how sensitive
the spirit is. The world competes for our attention with all the
music, billboards, TVs, ect. but we can choose to be receptive to it
or not. This week has been great overall! Many adventures have been
made since I've been in Clapham! A funny thing that I could mention is
our flat situation. We have four sisters in our flat and we have two
bedrooms that each companionship should be staying in. Well, in one of
the bedrooms, there is a double bed (queen bed) and three dresser
drawers which makes the room really packed. The only bad thing is, is
that the double bed needs to stay in there because it's the landlord's
and she has no where else to put it. The mission office was planning
to put a bunk bed in that room but now the situation is a bit tricky.
They are now actually having to look for another flat for one of our
companionships. We have had many adventures for the past three weeks
with having the two sisters and us switching each night from sleeping
on the couch to the bed to the couch. We can't complain though because
it makes our mission just extra fun & we consider ourselves blessed
for having a nice warm flat. The pioneers didn't even have couches so
ya, we can't complain. :) I love being a missionary. The work is not
always easy but it's always rewarding and I love have different
opportunities each day. No day is ever the same and that is what is
great about life! We are here to learn, to grow, and to gain
experiences. I love you all and hope you all have a good week!
With love,
Sister Burtis

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