Monday, May 2, 2016

"For it must needs be, that there is an opposition in all things..."

A week filled with miracles. It's not to say that there wasn't
opposition though but looking back, Sister Fromgren and I have been
truly blessed with seeing the hand of the Lord in this work. Starting
out the week was not easy. We contacted many of our potentials but
most of them ended up not being home. Some of our moments of
opposition took place when we were finding. Something I've recently
been trying to work on even more is to talk to everyone I see. Often
times it can seem as daunting even when being out on the mission for a
while. Thankfully, both Sister Fromgren and I have been able to
motivate and encourage each other. If I didn't have a companion to
testify with me or to help me, I wouldn't know what to do. As we got
on a bus, I sat down next to a lady and started sharing the gospel.
Often times, people are listening or people aren't listening. Some
though aren't too keen on us sharing the gospel with them. After a few
words of expressing concern and annoyance about me sharing the gospel
with her, she asked if I could go away and find someone else to talk
to about this religion. I thanked her through a forced smile, got up,
and went to sit next to Sister Fromgren. I felt like a puppy with its
tail down as it runs away with sadness after its owner yells at it. As
I sat down next to Sister Fromgren, we both looked at each other, and
then both looked to see who could be the next person to talk to. Of
course, there will be opposition in all things and sure we will feel
down when we talk to people who reject us but that is the beauty of
having Christ at our side. He is there to tell us that it is going to
be ok, that we can keep trying, and we feel Him promising that He will
help us find those who are prepared. I have often reflected at how
much I have grown and I realize that at the beginning of my mission,
if something like that were to happen, I would perhaps be in tears, or
think to myself, "How can she say no to us? We are disciples of Jesus
Christ. Isn't she suppose to be saying yes?" I've come to a better
understanding that people do have their agency and they can decide if
they want to follow Christ. Our president has often said, "When you do
missionary work, you are fulfilling God's plan by allowing others to
be given a choice to whether or not they want to accept the Gospel."
The rest of the week proved to be filled with miracles. We went on an
exchange with the Mitcham sisters, Sister Meyer and Sister Couper,
which was really fun and we met so many great potentials. This is our
third exchange in a row but Sister Fromgren and I have learned so much
from these 6 sisters that we are able to serve beside with this past
transfer. Something that was crazy is that Sister Meyer and I were on
the exchange and as we were contacting some less-actives, we saw a
flash of bright blue in the sky. Seconds later, a huge loud crack of
thunder. For a second, I thought I would have died that evening. We
silently prayed that we would be kept safe and that no lightning would
be out to get us. As Sister Meyer and I got walking back to the flat
in the rain, we were surprised to find slush/snow on the cars. It was
a whole lot of different types of weather in just a couple of hours
but it made the exchange even more adventurous. Well, Friday evening
rolled around and it had been a day that Sister Fromgren and I were
very excited for! Not only us but also the Elders serving in the same
ward as us were excited. Sister Fromgren and I had our dear friend Ada
getting baptized Friday evening and the elders had a friend named Ali
who was getting baptized as well. Since we were in the same ward and
had the weekend planned for both baptisms, we decided to do both of
the baptisms in the same evening. It was so fun and so spiritual. Many
members of the Clapham Common ward came out and supported both Ada and
Ali. As we got preparing for the baptism and printing out the
baptismal programs, the elders-Elder Rammell and Elder Hulleman asked
us, "Uh, sisters, do you guys have a blow dryer?" We were a bit
surprised by the question but replied that we did. Apparently Ali (the
guy getting baptized) needed it for his big Afro. His hair is really
cool and he has one big Afro and so after the baptism, he would need
to blow dry it. He ended up not using it though because his hair
didn't end up getting too wet. It was quite eventful leading up to the
baptism. As Ada, our friend, got baptized, she was smiling and beaming
and stood there after being immersed in the water for a few moments.
After the baptism, she explained to us that she felt so happy and so
good. It is a day I won't forget. There are many moments of
opposition, tiredness, and fear but it can never overcome the mercy of
God and His grace and love towards us. It is so worth it to see a
daughter of God entering into the waters of baptism to follow our
Saviour, Jesus Christ. "If ever there be opposition in your life..",
it's like President Gubler told us missionaries, " must because
we are doing something right." Heavenly Father will always be there
for us, we just need to turn to Him and He can help us. I love you
all! Have a wonderful week!
Sister Burtis

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