Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Recognizing the Blessings of the Gospel

 Right before dinner, Nina laid out grapes for us to we had
some fun with that :)
 Millennium Bridge

 We went to eastern zone conference consisting of the Wandsworth Zone,
Crawley Zone, and Maidstone Zone. Several missionaries were randomly
selected to speak for 3-5 minutes and I was one of the chosen ones. It
was went good and overall the Zone Conference went wonderful! Elder
Herbertson talked to us and emphasised the importance of having the
spirit in the work and also being true to ourselves and contributing
to the work with our talents, personalities, ect. Love you all!
Sister Burtis

 Mushrooms in our flat that we didn't know about... Guess that'll
provide us our food for the week  🍄🍄 😷😆 See blog for more details!
Extra fun one...knocking doors adventures :)
Date:  Mon 05/23/16 08:37 AM
The weeks are passing by rapidly but yet bring so many adventures!
This past week brings many stories and many great things to learn and
to grow from! Our week started out with Sister Fromgren and I going to
the London Bridge and the Millennium Bridge. We started from the
London Bridge and walked along the south bank of London near the River
Thames and it was very fun. We got to sightsee for a bit and see the
Shakespeare's Globe as well. When we were looking at the London Bridge
for a bit, we heard from a distance, "Hello Sister Missionaries!" Both
Sister Fromgren and I turned and saw a younger lady around our age and
her mom. They happened to be both from Utah and the younger lady was a
return missionary who served in Leeds and was now coming back to
England to explore for a bit with her family. It was fun seeing people
who recognised us and who were from Utah. I'm not too often meeting
Americans over here in South London. Sister Fromgren and I toured the
Millennium Bridge after the London Bridge which was very fun. It's
very narrow and really fun to walk on. Only people can walk on it and
no cars. If anyone has seen the 6th Harry Potter movie where the bad
guys (can't remember the word for them) become invisible and break
apart the bridge...I think it's that bridge that they tear down. So
that was fun overall to be able to explore the south side of London.
The rest of the week consisted of a lot of finding again but we found
some great miracles and met some great people. The first one was
Collin. We went to go teach our recent convert, Sally, and when we
were over at her house, there was a guy named Collin fixing her
washer. We got talking to him and asked him if he had a belief in God
and he did. He had a spiritual experience to help him recognize that
God was in his life and he shared it with us. We likened his story to
a story from the Book of Mormon and he seemed interested in what we
shared with him. Sally, being the great missionary that she is,
invited him to come along to church and he accepted! He didn't end up
showing just yet but we have faith that God has a great plan for
Collin. We hope to teach him this week. :) Another story came to help
us realize that not only are we looking for others to share the Gospel
with but they are looking for us. The miracle happened when we went to
contact YSA from the less-active YSA list. On the way, we saw a
younger lady (named Venesha) walking towards us and we stopped and
talked to her. She expressed to us that she was having a bad day and
not only did we recognize that this was no coincidence but she did as
well. The following day, she texted us saying: "I was so upset when I
met you both yesterday and I do believe in signs so hopefully
something wonderful will come of this." I learned that we may never
know who God has prepared for us to find unless we talk to them. When
we have an eye of faith and seek diligently for God's children, we
will find those who are prepared. Many miracles took place this week.
We have been able to visit members and set goals with them for how we
can further the missionary work and it's going great! Something that
we do before setting the goals with members is we have a board and we
have them list off the blessings they have received from the Gospel.
As they do this, they come to recognize how blessed they are and how
much our loving Heavenly Father has given to them. As we asked a
particular older member to do this, she went to say, "If I could write
a book on the blessings I've received, I think I'd fill a library."
That's something that really stood out to me and I know that as we
take the time to think about the blessings we've received, we will
realize just how much our Heavenly Father has given us. He's provided
us salvation which is free through His beloved son, Jesus Christ (2
Nephi 26:23-25). After listing off the blessings of the Gospel, what
we did is we had the members think back to the time of the Restoration
and to the question that Joseph Smith had of, "Which church is right?"
We asked them to imagine if Joseph Smith didn't ask that question or
if he chose to never act on the scripture that he found in James 1:5.
One simple act led to the great blessings we have today. Sister
Fromgren and I erased each blessing one by one and the look of the
members' faces showed their recognition in realising the blessings
they have in their life and how grateful they were to have them. The
love of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are perfect and that is why
they have provided us a perfect Gospel. I'm so grateful for this
church and its teachings. I can't wait to continue to learn more! :)
Part of our missions include crazy stories so here is a crazy story.
We had our flat inspection today and the senior couple was coming over
to inspect it. Well there are two bathrooms in our flat and one of
them was actually flooding water (little by Little) but we didn't
know. This tiny bathroom had previously flooded a while back when a
senior couple was living here but the maintenance got it taken care of
and then missionaries moved in. Well, this morning we saw this black
kind of dust of the carpet and both Sister Fromgren and I were really
confused. It almost seemed to be black soot from a fireplace. We slid
over the small bedside table that was next to the wall and to our
shock and dismay.....guess what had been growing there..mushrooms and
mold! Apparently the wall next to that tiny bathroom had been fixed
but was tiny bit by tiny bit still making the carpet underneath the
wall damp. Since there was a bedside table with only a few feet
between that and the wall, we never saw it.  The senior couple was not
happy about that but they understood that it was
the flat and not us. They had actually lived in the flat before us and
they mentioned to us that it had flooded before but they had never
seen mushrooms growing there up until now! It's all taken care of
though and the senior couple was good to call the maintenance people,
so it is ok....we won't die and we are safe :) It just goes to show
that sometimes, we can have the craziest things happen....even
mushrooms growing through a wall. See pictures I sent. :) Love you
all! Have a great week!
Sister Burtis

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