Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A seed planted many years ago began to grow

Hello everyone! Wow! This past week has yet again been filled with so
many miracles! I know I sent many last week but it just doesn't seem
to end. The time is passing by quickly and here we are already at the
end of this transfer. By this Saturday, I will be finding out if I'm
staying in the area, going, or training. Any letters that you want to
send should be sent to the mission home address just until I find out
if I move. If I do, I'll let you know my new address. I'm really
looking forward to this week. Tomorrow, all of the England London
South Mission will be traveling to the Hyde Park Chapel and joining
with the England London Mission to hear Elder Dallin H. Oaks speak to
us. I'm excited to be able to hear the message that this apostle of
the Lord has for us as missionaries. I recall the last time I was at
the Hyde Park Chapel, it was only day 2 of being in the mission field
and we were going to see Jeffrey R. Holland speak to us. I remember
how I didn't know any of the missionaries around me except for the
missionaries in my MTC group but this year will be fun to be able to
see all the missionaries that I recognise over this past year that
I've met. We have the Downend sisters staying with us, Sister Hamann
and Sister Morales. It helps them to stay with us so they won't have
to travel as far. Sister Hamann was actually my second companion so
it'll be a fun reunion and nice to see how she is doing and her
companion who she is training. This past week was filled with many
great experiences. One of those being the opportunity to teach our
friend, Joseph. Joseph is progressing well, loves the lessons, and is
reading the Book of Mormon. We invited him to come to church with us
and he did! He was able to meet the Bishop, talk to the members, and
go to all three hours of church. Many of the brothers in the ward
mentioned how Joseph made some good comments on the lesson in
Priesthood class and this is only his first time coming to church.
Joseph is truly a miracle! Sister Fromgren and I found him while
prayerfully considering who we should reach out to while looking
through the area book. We saw Joseph's name and it stood out to us so
we called him and he was interested! An amazing thing too is that the
two missionaries that had originally taught him which was about two
years ago are still in the area. One of them is still serving his
mission and one of them, believe or not, is actually in this area as a
member now. He moved into this area for work and family and so we let
him know that Joseph would be coming to church and he was excited. On
Sunday, this previous missionary and his former investigator were
reunited. It's amazing how a seed that was planted many years back
starts to grow now and that this former missionary got to see the
fruit of his labors. While we may not see the results immediately, God
always prepares a way for His miracles to be brought to pass. Another
tender mercy of the Lord was Begonia. Begonia had been originally
attending the Kennington Ward (Spanish speaking) but then wanted to
move to an English speaking ward so she could better herself in the
language. She is not a member at this time but loves the church and
loves going every Sunday. We have a great privilege to start teaching
Begonia this week which we are very excited for! I love this work! It is
truly hastening on. Thank you for all your support! I hope all of you
have a great week!
Sister Burtis

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