Monday, June 27, 2016

One Soul is Worth It

Hello everyone! Another week comes and goes. I probably should say
first off, that I think the London undergrounds tube are cursed or I
just seem to have bad luck. My companion and I were coming back from a
meeting in Peckham and going to an dinner appointment with a member
and as we did so, the tube got delayed for a very long time. What had
happened was that, the underground train in front of us had broken
down. Not knowing that, Sister Fromgren and I got on the underground
train thinking it would be leaving any second like it normally does.
As we squeezed ourselves through the many people all standing in the
section of the tube, more and more people came in and it was very
tight and become very hot. This time of day just happened to be when
everyone was returning from work and here in London, that means that
there are a lot of people. It took about over 30 minutes until the
underground train in front us was able to depart. Sister Fromgren and
I were relieved to be able to get out of there and we were able to
make it to the dinner appointment with an very understanding member.
The rest of the week seemed to be great overall though. At the
beginning of the week, we were able to visit our investigators and our
recent converts and they are doing great. Ada, Sally, and Brenda
(recent converts) are all very faithful and love to participate in
their callings and as members of the church. Ada wasn't able to attend
church this past week because she wasn't feeling well and I was able
to see a great example of Christ-like love as the Relief Society
president and her husband as well as the Relief Society secretary went
over to visit Ada after church to see how she was doing. Sister
Fromgren and I were also able to go over and visit her with the three
others and it was a great experience. Not only did we visit with her
but the Relief Society President's husband was able to administer the
sacrament to her in her home. I had never had the opportunity of
seeing that before until now and when it took place, the spirit was
felt very strongly. Ada's face lit up as she partook of the bread and
water and it made me happy that Ada who was sad she couldn't attend
church, was still able to feel a part of it. It got me to reflect on
the stories that were told in General Conference and in ensign
articles about how one person was either not passed the bread and
water to or they ran out and how they would still take the time to
bless everything again for that one person so that person would be
able to partake of the sacrament. I am given a strong witness that the
Saviour would do the same for all of us. Even if we were the only ones
to live on this earth, He would have died and suffered for our sins so
we could make it back to Him and our Heavenly Father. Something too I
was able to really learn was how we can be perfected through grace.
Sister Fromgren and I received a call from the elders in our area and
they got told by the Bishop of our ward that we would be speaking in
sacrament. Of course, I was very nervous to have to speak for 10
minutes in front of everyone. I was also bummed because I was close to
serving here in 7 months without being called to speak in sacrament
and I almost made it ;) I was grateful though for the opportunity and
as I reflected on the topic I should speak about, I realized how much
Jesus Christ has done for me throughout my mission. I decided to speak
about being perfected through grace and based my talk around the talk,
"The gift of grace" by President Uchtdorf. It went good and I felt
that I learned a lot more from being able to prepare the talk than
when I actually gave the talk. Overall, the work is really moving
forward. Both Joseph and Begonia came to church and the more that they
come, the more receptive they become to the messages that we share
with them. We are continually praying that they will receive the
answers to their prayers and questions and we have faith that the Lord
will provide. The rest of the week consisted of many meetings for
Sister Fromgren and I went to because starting in July, our mission
won't be having paper bound area books but we will start having online
(iPad) area books. There quite a few trainings on it so as a
leadership, we were given the trainings first and then this upcoming
week, we will be presenting that to the missionaries in our zone. I
love being able to help and keep busy though, as well as planning the
zone training that the zone leaders and Sister Fromgren and I are
putting together. It's a great learning experience and I'm excited to
continue to learn more. I love this work. Though the waves are course
and rocky at times, I've learned that the smoothest waves won't make a
skilled sailor so I know continuing with faith and diligence in this
work is the way to go. I hope all of you have a great week!
Sister Burtis

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