Monday, August 10, 2015

Behold, A Royal Army!

The missionary work is hastening on. I have no doubt about that. This week has passed by so fast and much has happened here in the land of England. Because Sister Schmidt and I are sister training leaders for our zone, we got to attend the Missionary Leadership Conference. MLC happens each transfer and the zone leaders and sister training leaders in each zone (9 zones total in the mission) come together. Sister Schmidt and I along with our zone leaders are part of the Plymouth zone and we all traveled together last Monday to Reading (pronounced like redding). On the way there, we were going to stop at Stonehedge since we were still having our pday but sadly, the last passes were sold and we weren't able to go. We didn't even know it cost to go but the attraction was closed for the day so we continued to Reading and drove past it on the main road. I still got a picture of it and it looks really neat but I think it would have look a lot bigger up close. That's ok though! The traveling was still fun! We got to Reading and then Sister Schmidt and I got to stay overnight with the sisters from the Reading area. The next day was MLC and it was amazing! We had tables all set up in a big circle. The zone leaders and sister training leaders from each zone sat by each other and at one of the tables in the circle was the mission president, President Gubler and his wife. We got to listen to a presentation given by President Gubler and it was amazing! He had told us about how many were converted when the first missionaries in England came and did missionary work. Heber C. Kimball and Wilford Woodruff baptized many in the river ribble near Preson, England. In the year 1987, there were a total of 1,300 or so baptisms taking place. President Gubler knows something big is about to happen. That this time is the time for the season of miracles and the 2nd harvest. (D&C 4:4). We as missionaries felt that to be true and the spirit was felt so strongly. It truly is the time to be able to invite many to come unto Christ.  It is the time for the season of miracles and we need to prepare ourselves. In Mormon 9:20, there were reasons for why we might not be able to see miracles which was because we might be dwindling unbelief, being disobedient, and/or lack trust in God. We as missionaries want to work on our personal conversions and help others to be converted as well. We all discussed how we could enhance our mission plan or if we needed to enhance it and that was a great experience. We prayerfully considered and discussed how we could help our zones. The spirit was felt so strongly. We got to sing the hymn, "Behold, A Royal Army" and it's an amazing song! The spirit that was felt was incredible as the group of us all sang and declared, "....Victory, Victory, Through him that redeemed us! Victory, Victory, Thru Jesus Christ, our Lord!.." It's a great song and has become one of my favorites! The missionary leadership conference was great. It helped me to learn so much and I was told by several missionaries that I was blessed to be able to go while still being trained. I had been so blessed to go and my love for the missionary work continues to increase more and more as the days go on. After MLC, Sister Schmidt and I had an exchange with Sister Holley and Sister Deloumeaux from the Newton Abbot. Sister Deloumeaux and I got to stay in Redruth for a day and to teach some lessons to some investigators and a less-active. It was a great experience. Sister Deloumeaux is from France and has a sweet spirit about her. She told me that she has 18 siblings! Some of them are half-siblings but that still a lot of brothers and sisters! It's cool though! It was especially funny to see the faces of our investigators, members, etc. when she'd introduce herself and told them that.  The exchange went great. We exchanged back to our normal companionships the next day because we had zone conferences in Bristol. Lots of traveling happened this past week but the zone conference was great and also spiritual as well! Apart from the conferences this week, Sister Schmidt and I got to do some finding. We found a guy named Simon who had lived by some missionaries 17 years ago while living in Truro (a city in our area) and as we got talking to him, he was interested to know more. It's amazing how a seed can be planted by missionaries 17 years ago and how it can still affect the person now when he meets with missionaries again.  Miracles were seen this week and I am grateful to be a part of this work. Oh! Sister Schmidt and I got to see a baby hedgehog near some bushes! It was super cute. I think I want to get one as a pet later in life ;) Just kidding! but maybe..? :) I hope all is well for you all! Take care! 
With Love,
Sister Burtis 

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