Monday, August 17, 2015

I will trust and not be afraid!

My area has been given a flood of miracles and I'm amazed to see that
each week brings something new though I never know what all those
things are until I look back at them. This past week has been
incredible. I wish I could write down every single event or miracle
that took place but that would take too long ;) To start off with,
Geoffry is getting closer and closer to his baptism. We are all
getting pretty nervous about it but we trust that everything will be
ok and will work out. Geoffry is a great guy and has been
investigating the church for several years but he tells us that he
feels this is his time now. We have faith that he will be baptized
when he's ready and we are excited for that. We did some finding this
week and we got to see the Lord's hand in the missionary work as we
have continued to be exactly obedient, trust, and work hard. Sister
Schmidt and I were finding and we got talking to a guy named Simon.
Simon is a great guy. He's very friendly, and he lives with his wife
and two kids. Well as we got talking to him, he mentioned to us that
17 years ago he lived in Truro right next to some elders. Those elders
had some good chats with him and he remembers seeing those
missionaries a lot. Well 17 years later, Sister Schmidt and I were
finding and we saw him working on his motorcycle and got talking to
him. It was quite a miracle and taught me an important lesson. No
matter what happens, there can always be a seed planted that can grow
in time and we mustn't give up. I think I may have mentioned something
about Simon last week but I can't remember. But anyways, great news!
Simon and his son David are now investigators that we are teaching and
they are very open-minded and willing to learn more. We hadn't planned
on teaching his son David but David was there sitting in on the lesson
and asking lots of questions. We had a wonderful lesson with them
earlier this past week about the restoration and got to give David a
Book of Mormon. Now here comes another miracle we experienced. We left
Simon's house and then went to contact a less active. We were thinking
about going back and doing my 12 weeks study but we stuck to the plans
and went to contact this less active. On our way there, we heard
someone call out to us from behind. A guy came up pedalling on his
bike and asked us, "Are you Mormons or Jehovah witnesses? By the way
you two are both dressed, I presume you are one of them? If you're
mormons, great. Do you have any literature that I could read? If
you're jehovah witnesses, that's ok but I'm wanting to find out more
about the mormon church." Sister Schmidt and I both looked at each
other and then back to him with our jaws dropped and we were quite
surprised. Was this for real? Sure enough, it was. We quickly
explained to him that we were Mormons, gave him a Book of Mormon,
wrote down his phone number and he was excited to meet with us. We got
to teach him this past week and the members that we brought with us
clicked really well with him. The same day, we had our Meet the
Mormons movie night. We had a great time. No problems with the
projector, food, or anything. It was a tender mercy! Four of the
members brought their non-member friends and that was amazing to see.
I've often seen how the activities we plan have a good turnout if we
truly take the time to plan them and take the time to invite others
including our investigators, potential investigators, etc. What a week
of miracles! Sister Schmidt and I are filled with joy as we have come
to trust more in the Lord and see those miracles taking places. The
work is hastening on and I'm excited. I can't wait for these next
weeks ahead.We know that we need to put our trust in the Lord and that
He will help us. I'm truly grateful to be out here on my mission. I
have struggled a bit knowing that Sister Schmidt is to leave soon to
go back home (about 2 weeks). I'm super happy for her but she's a
great trainer and I'll miss her dearly. I get a bit nervous that I'll
be done getting trained soon and the possibility of leading the area
or evening training a new missionary might happen. Rumours have it
that there is about 36 new missionaries coming into the field in the
next two weeks. That's crazy! I know that whatever happens though,
that is what the Lord wants for me. I often think of my favourite
scripture, 2 Nephi 22:2. I will trust and not be afraid. :)
I love you all!
Sister Burtis

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