Monday, August 24, 2015

Rain,rain, go away.

Hello! Wow. What a week. The week has been filled with one or two days
of sunshine but the rest of the week has been filled with rain. It's
sounds this rain needs to be sent to Utah. It's been good though!
Where to even begin, I'm not quite sure. The past week started off
with our pday and that was quite fun! After emailing and doing our
shopping, Sister Schmidt got to walk about a mile away from where we
live and go to a little lovely attraction called Gwennap Pit. It is
this big circular grassy stadium in the ground and it was used for
Methodists to hold church firesides and meetings. There is even a
place for the preacher to stand. If you get a chance to look it up,
you should. It's really neat. We had to hurry back to Redruth before
the pday ended and so we walked on a public footpath that took us to
some beautiful England land. As we kept walking, you wouldn't believe
what we got to walk through. Sister Schmidt and I got to walk through
a tiny llama farm. It was the best! There was a trail that was the
footpath and on both sides of us, there were llamas staring at us and
coming up to us from the side of the fence. I thought llamas only
resided in the North and South Americas, but it seems to me that they
are everywhere ;) That was quite fun! Apart from that, this week has
had lots of adventures, and it's ups and downs as well. We have had a
dinner appointment each day with members from the Redruth Ward this
week and there are quite some good English meals that were made. If
anyone worries that I might be starving, it's ok because I'm not. I
have to be careful not to eat to much or you might not recognize me
when I get back. ;) One member made for us something that is called
bread and butter pudding with raisins and that was good. It's a common
English dessert dish. Well our investigator had his baptism interview
but he still had some concerns about Thomas S. Monson so we've decided
to postpone his baptism and just help him resolve those questions. We
have faith that it will all work out. It was hard to see him coming
out of the interview because he knows he wants to get baptized but he
knows that he wants to be honest about everything and not just answer
yes to all the questions. I have faith in the Lord's timing. The same
day, we found out that one of our member's gran passed away. We were
sad to hear about that because we had taught a lesson to this gran and
she was such a sweet lady. I've learned a lot about trusting in the
Lord this past week. Sister Schmidt is about a week away to going home
and it really scares me to know that I'll be leading the area. There's
even a possibility of me training someone. I'll be finding out by the
end of this week. Anyways, I've learned to have confidence in myself
and trust that all will be well. I've been reading the Book of Mormon
a lot lately because as missionaries, we are challenged to finish it
by September 1st, and I really enjoy it. It's amazing how much you get
out of the storyline when you read more than one chapter each day :)
Apart from that, we've got to do a lot of finding this week and have
given out some Books of Mormon which is great! We knocked on door
after door and even though it may take a long time, it's so rewarding
to be able to talk to those who are interested. The work is truly
hastening on. I'm grateful to be out here on this mission. I have
learned a lot! One thing that stood out to me as I was reading the
Book of Mormon this past week was something the Lord said, "Bear with
patience thine afflictions and I will grant unto you success." I love
you all!
Sister Burtis

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