Monday, March 14, 2016

Hallelujah"-Finding New Life Through Christ

The days are getting brighter and brighter and warmer as well! This
week has been truly incredible. I hope you all had a wonderful week as
well. Our week was pretty busy with lots of meetings and conferences
to start off with but as the week continued, we were able to do a lot
more work. Sister Nguyen and I were able to go to MLC (Mission
Leadership Conference), DLC (District Leadership Conference), district
meeting, and then we had a couple of planning meetings with the zone
leaders to coordinate an upcoming zone training that we have this week
for the missionaries in our zone. All in all though, it's been really
good and with the help of the Lord, we were given strength to
accomplish the things needed to get done. Sister Nguyen and I were
able to see many miracles. The gates to the season of miracles are
expanding and we know that God has truly prepared the hearts of his
children to receive the gospel. As Sister Nguyen and I were doing some
missionary work, we received a text that had a referral given to us
from the church headquarters. The lady's name was Ada and Ada was
interested to meet with missionaries. Apparently Ada heard about our
church from a friend, went to look up information regarding "Mormons",
and was able to locate where the Hyde Park Visitor Centre was. Ada
went and met some missionaries who referred her to us. We contacted
Ada right away and she answered her phone. We were able to set up an
appointment with her and it was a solid lesson that we had with her
about the Restoration. The spirit was felt very strongly and when we
invited her to come to church, Ada accepted. A couple of days later,
sure enough, Ada came walking through the church doors and was able to
attend church to see what it was like. Truly a miracle! Another
miracle: Sister Nguyen and I were traveling to DLC and  were on the
bus going to the tube (underground station). As we were getting off
the bus, someone from Hungary approached us and asked us where our
church was. He had noticed our tags and said that he was here in
England to learn better English and wanted to find a church to attend.
Sister Nguyen and I were able to talk to him and give him our chapel
address. It doesn't end just there. One of our investigators, Sally,
has completely given up tea and coffee, and has been continually
coming to church, reading her scriptures, and meeting with us. After
church on Sunday, Sister a Nguyen and I were planning to go to a lunch
appointment but we had an hour to spare so we headed out of the chapel
and started to walk towards a street to contact a potential
investigator. Just as we were walking and discussing what we would be
doing the remainder of the day, we heard someone say, "Hey there!"
from their car window. We turned and saw that it was Sally. Sally had
stayed behind in church for a bit talking to members and then was
driving home. That's when she drove past us. She turned to us and
asked if we would be willing to come to her house and teach her
another principle of the gospel. Sally simply asked, "How many more
lessons do I need to learn to understand the gospel? Can you teach me
all the lessons?" Sally is progressing so well and is truly amazing. I
know that Sister Nguyen and I are so blessed to work with her at this
time. I've received a witness for myself that there are people
prepared. We just need to look, to seek, to invite. When it comes to
inviting someone to church, it takes two people. One person to invite,
and the other person to say "yes." Despite rejections, I can just
promise all of you that if we are persistent and continue to invite
our friends to church, activites, ect, we can truly find those who are
lost or those who may not know where to find the truth. This week has
just been incredible. I love my mission and I'm grateful for the
opportunity to be out here in England. For today's preparation day, My
district and I were able to go to the London Eye. Not just stand by it
but actually go in it. A member from our ward that works there was
able to get us tickets so we got to go and it was absolutely stunning
to see the entire view of London. It was a great experience for all of
us. Something that I really love is the new video that the church just
released titled, "Hallelujah." It's something that we as missionaries
have the opportunity of sharing with others these next few weeks as we
approach Easter and it's just wonderful to know that Christ died for
us so that we can live again and see our loved ones again as well. As
the Easter initiative has come out, the understanding of the Atonement
has not only deepened for our members and friends but for me as well.
I rejoice in the Saviour and for what He has done for me. I'm really
working on discovering for myself how I have found new life through
Him and as I continue to do this, my love for this gospel and for
Christ grows and grows. We bear testimony of Christ and when we do, I
feel such a joyful feeling as the spirit testifies that He lives. I
know He lives and that through Him, we can all find new life. I love
you all! Have a great week!
Sister Burtis

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