Monday, March 21, 2016

Unexpected Calls and Unexpected Surprises

As I've been out on my mission, I've come to realize a few things. 1.
Miracles are everywhere and the Lord is truly in this work. 2. The
companions we have are for a reason and when we serve around each
other, we not only help each other through our missions but we are
building an eternal friendship. This week has been a very busy week
and no easy week as well but I look back and just realize that I'm so
grateful for the things I've learned from it. I have felt the love of
the Lord for me so strongly this week and I've been able to see that
He has a great plan for me and those around me. Our week started out
with an exchange with the Mitcham sisters. They were the sisters that
were our flat roommates at one point last transfer but then got moved
to a different area. Sister Couper (from Scotland) who has been out 3
months went with me and then Sister Meyer and Sister Nguyen  went
together to do some missionary work. The mission has changed it to
where all four of us now work in Clapham rather than two of us go in
one area and then two of us go into another area. It helps the
traveling time for leaders because often times, our time in the area
isn't as long due to the mission leadership conferences. So Sister
Couper and I started out our day street contacting in Clapham and
talking to many different people. Later that evening, we were able to
have a teach with our investigator Sally.  Sally has immersed herself
in the gospel and absolutely loves it. We felt the impression to
extend a baptismal date for her in two weeks and she smiled as she
said yes! She is wonderful and both Sister Nguyen and I have both
loved being able to teach her this past few weeks. We are seeing many
more miracles. We had received a referral last week from a lady named
Ada who had referred herself. She came to church last week and this
week, she had work but was able to attend the stake fireside later
this past Sunday evening. It is truly the season of miracles. I know
that and I have a testimony of it. We are receiving more referrals
than we have in the past before. We also had a lady call us up and she
saw our pass along card through her door. We have a return appointment
with her for this coming week. There are miracles right and left. The
time is here and we know that the Lord has a great plan for this
mission. We have also heard from President Gubler himself that
missionaries this past week were being called and those people calling
them were asking to be baptized the next week! It's been amazing to be
a part of this work and I love every moment of it. Towards the end of
this week, Sister Nguyen and I received some shocking news. We were on
the way to the chapel on the bus and Sister Nguyen received a call
from president. We thought perhaps he might be just calling to check
up on us and see how we were doing but instead, he told us he had
news. The Salt Lake City Mission Department called him to tell him
that Sister Nguyen would be getting reassigned to the Vietnam mission.
What happened is that there isn't enough missionaries in Vietnam and
they needed some missionaries. So they looked around for some
missionaries and saw Sister Nguyen and another sister currently
serving in Georgia that could help out. They are to leave at the end
of this transfer which is in about a week. You can imagine how sad I
might have been. Both Sister Nguyen and I were in tears the day that
we found out. She is excited but it's not easy thing to leave the
people of England who you have been  serving around. I can't imagine
my mission without Sister Nguyen. Her and I have created such an
amazing friendship and I know that this friendship is meant to be
eternal. We plan to visit each other after our missions and she will
show me around Vietnam! :) I know that I have become even a better
missionary because of her and I'm grateful that God had a plan for the
two of us to meet. This area is doing wonderful and I hope to continue
to help the people like Sister Nguyen has helped them these past
months of her mission. We will find out if I move or who my new
companion is this weekend. I'll be more than likely staying in the
area and either training or continuing to be STL. We never know
though. It's been a great week. I know I have learned so much and
especially as we approach Easter, I have learned such a great amount
about the atonement. I would be nothing without my Saviour. Through
Him, I can become a better person, a stronger missionary, and become
the person God intends for me to be. I am grateful for the knowledge
that He lives. As we approach this Easter weekend, think of those
things that the Saviour has done for you and think about what it is
that you can do for Him. I know this is truly the Lord's work and I am
grateful that I am able to represent him.
Love you all! Happy Easter!
Sister Burtis

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