Thursday, March 10, 2016

India and Vietnam styled miracles!

Another week with many miracles. There were lots of funny things that
happened and as I look back at them, I recognise that the Lord does
truly work in mysterious ways unknown to man. He prepares people for
us to meet and we are able to really learn from the experiences we are
given. At the beginning of this week, Sister Nguyen and I had an
exchange with the Peckham Sisters. It was a bit different of an
exchange this time however because the Peckham sisters don't have two
sisters in the companionship, there is actually three sisters making
up a tri. Sister Nguyen and I prayed about who would go with who and
we both felt impressed to have two of the sisters go with me and the
other sister would go with Sister Nguyen. As the two sisters and I
went about doing missionary work, I got to experience for myself what
it was like to be in a tri. It was quite fun actually. The three of us
would be walking on the streets and stop people and talk to them about
the gospel. It's made me feel more secure with having two others
double testify next to me about the gospel. It was good to also learn
how to bounce from one person to another. One sister would say
something, then me, and then the other sister or the same thing but in
a different order. It helped me to recognise the importance of
communication. After the exchange, Sister Nguyen and I were back
together in our companionship and we went to go street contacting. We
went to go contact a former investigator on a particular street but
she ended up not being home. We walked back to where we were and tried
to figure out where we should go next. Just as we passed a certain
house, Sister Nguyen turned to me and asked, "Can we knock on that
door?" as she pointed to a certain door with little red Christmas
looking lights hanging in front of it. Sister Nguyen mentioned to me
that it looked Vietnamese and that perhaps there was someone there who
was in need for the gospel. We prayed about it and felt right so we
went and knocked on the door. At first, all we could hear were dogs
barking but then someone answered the door. She was a younger lady and
we introduced ourselves. As we continued to talk with her, this
lady-Francesca- seemed really interested. She expressed that she was
interested in learning more and I suddenly felt impressed to ask her
if she had time now that we could share with her the message. To our
surprise, she turned around, and said, "Absolutely, come in, and sorry
for the mess inside the house." Sister Nguyen and I smiled at each
other and knew that this was truly a miracle from God. We walked in,
sat on the sofa, and we were able to teach Francesca the Restoration.
We gave her a Book of Mormon and she told us that she would read and
pray about it. What an amazing miracle!  On Friday, something fun that
Sister Nguyen and I got to do was that we got to do some service for
the senior missionary couple by helping them set up for the
multi-stake YSA dance. We are able to sort out plates of cookies, chop
up vegetables, and help prepare for the dance. After doing the
service, one of our YSA investigators, Richard, came and Sister Nguyen
and I got to teach him for a little bit with a member and then he went
and joined the dance. It was strange to hear music that I had known
before my mission playing in the gym and Sister Nguyen and I did our
best to tune it out while quickly introducing Richard to the senior
missionary couple and some other YSA friends. Sister Nguyen and I
didn't stay for the dance because we were missionaries of course but
it was overall great to help prepare for it. The following day on
Saturday, we had a crazy miracle. Sister Nguyen and I were preparing
the progress record in the evening. Just as we were preparing to
travel back to our flat, a less-active member called us, and asked if
we could quickly come over. We weren't sure why and we were a bit
worried about what was happening. We both considered if we could make
it home by 9pm but in the end, Sister Nguyen and I felt that it would
be OK if we hurried. Sister Soma (the lady who called us) was
surprised to see us at her doorstep ten minutes later. Heavenly Father
provided us a way that when we got to the train station, we didn't
need to wait and that the train arrived right when we got there. The
train took us to Streatham and then we ran quickly to this lady's
home. As we got there, Sister Soma (Who is from Scrilanka)  mentioned
that she had a friend who was struggling and asked us if we would be
willing to go to her house and share with her the gospel. She even
mentioned that we could baptize her as well because she knew the
gospel would help her friend. We were amazed. Usually people aren't
throwing referrals our way telling us to go teach their friends and
baptize them. After she got talking to us, she also mentioned that her
hair dresser was sick so she asked for our help. Sister Soma pulled
out two small bricks of henna (it's Indian and it's used to decorate
flowers and patterns on hands that can last up to three weeks). She
wanted us to provide service by dyeing her hair with this henna.
Sister Nguyen and I didn't have a problem with that and so late in the
evening time, there was us- the two missionaries, combing in a henna
mixture through someone's hair. Apparently it's just really natural
and healthy for your hair and it can make red and dark brown
highlights in your hair. Sister Nguyen joked with me afterwards that
me and her should dye our hair like that. I don't think that'll end up
happening :) Overall, we had many miracles and adventures take place
which we are grateful for. I love this gospel and though we had a lot
of finding to do this past week, we were able to see lots of tender
mercies of the Lord. I hope all of you come to recognize the tender
mercies of the Lord as well. Have a fantastic week!
With love,
Sister Burtis

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