Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Flood of Miracles :) :)

Nigerian Food
Hello Family and friends! I hope this current month is a good one for
you. For me, it's passing by with flying colours and I can't seem to
grasp where all the time goes. This week has been such a great one and
I'm excited to be able to share some of the miracles and adventures
with you that we got to see! To start out, Sister Wang and I got to go
and explore a palace looking place called the Pavilion. Apparently
it's this really posh and fancy palace that was King George the
fourth's. Sister Wang and I unfortunately didn't get to go inside and
feel majestic and cool because it cost £13 to get in and that was
pretty expensive for the two of us missionaries. We did get to explore
the grounds though because that's open for anyone to see and that was
really fun! The following day, our district got to use the banner
again and go banner contacting in a busy shopping/town area called
Churchill square. I think it's got to do something with Winston
Churchill. The first few people I got talking to included a guy named
Andrew and though he wasn't interested, he asked more about how
missionary work was and about the church. He then asked me if I was
from Ireland. Another person in a matter of two weeks who thought I
was Irish. Oh boy. I think I might be doing lifts or tunes with
particular words or something. I told him I wasn't and he said,
"Surely your parents or family must be Irish!" I laughed and said,
"Nope." I think maybe it's a sign I should move to Ireland or
something in the future. We did get to see lots of success from banner
contacting and we were able to invite lots of people out to a movie
event that we, missionaries, are hosting. We made flyers and got to
hand them out and a lot of people accepted them so I'm excited to see
how this movie night goes. We are planning to show "Meet the Mormons"
in two weeks time. :) I think that's something I've really loved
doing- is being able to help others come to a greater knowledge of
what the Gospel and our church is about. Lots of people who we talk to
say that they have heard of our church but don't know what we are
really about. This week, Sister Wang and I worked to find new
investigators and we did indeed, with the Lord's help, find some.
There were lots of tender mercies here and there from Heavenly Father
to show us how much he is aware of our needs. Sister Wang and I
traveled to an area called Whitehawk and went to contact a friend who
had been taught by missionaries before. We knocked on his door but no
answer. We decided to knock the doors of the side of his house and a
guy named Clive opened the upper house window of his house and looked
down below to where we were standing. "Hello there!" we said to him.
The conversation turned into him asking us to return and talk to us
more about our church and we got excited! Severals steps (or what it
seemed) later, we talked to a guy named Dave and he told us he had
heard about our church and said he wanted to learn more. We set a
return appointment with him and then bid farewell. A few feet away, we
met two more people who were really receptive! God does truly provide!
You can imagine by this evening how big Sister Wang and I's smiles
were :) :) We have so much to thank the Lord for. Throughout the
course of the week, we continued to meet 4 new people who said they
wanted to learn more. One of them was Annie. Sister Wang and I
traveled to an area called Moulscoomb and planned to contact some
friends who had previously met missionaries. We stopped by a lady
named Annie and Annie opened her door. We asked her if she would be
willing to hear our message and she smiled and said yes! Miracle! She
had put her son to bed already so we made an appointment for another
day and we were able to at least share with her some principles that
we believed in. Annie has such a special spirit about her and she was
one of those people that you just feel that this is why we are in the
area at this time. I know God has a great plan for all of his children
and it's all in the timing of Him. Another fun thing that happened
this week was Sister Wang and I traveled to the Sussex University and
stopped by a member and his family's home. This family was baptized in
Nigeria and then moved to Brighton. We knocked on the door and all of
them were home. Not only were they there but also a friend of the
dad's. At first this friend of theirs didn't seem too interested but
as we got sharing our message and doing an activity which involved
participation, we were able to see him soften his heart towards the
idea of listening to our message and eventually he joined in and even
answered some of the questions. At the end of sharing the message, we
got to give him a Book of Mormon which he accepted. The family that we
were visiting had us share the message and the wife invited us to stay
for some dinner. So Sister Wang and I got some proper Nigerian food :D
It was not fufu but something like that- made of wheat and then using
our hands, we'd roll it around and then dip it in a really good sauce!
We also got the traditional chicken. Going to Brighton, I didn't think
I'd be getting African food but England is so diverse and you can
still be a part of many different cultures wherever you go. This week
brought many adventures and lots of miracles! I just love, love, love
this Gospel. One thing I've recently just come to see more and more is
that the Gospel is all about becoming better. There is no getting
worse or having faults when we simply just turn to our Saviour Jesus
Christ and rely on him fully to help us overcome and improve on any
weaknesses. There are times where I may feel inadequate and feel that
perhaps I'm not good enough but without fail, the Lord provides me
knowledge that I'm doing enough for His work. I find joy in the work,
feel love for the people, and I know that I'm becoming what the
Saviour wants me to become and I know that's really all that matters
in the end. Inadequacies and failures in life come but they are just
there to help us to learn and to grow. It's just as I have learned
throughout the course of my mission, the Saviour will never give up on
us, so let's not give up on Him. :) :) Love you all! Have a great
Sister Burtis
  Mission Adventures

 Old Steine & The Pavilion

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