Thursday, September 29, 2016

"Meet the Mormons!"-A Success!!

Preparing treats for the activity.

Making dinner for my companion.

Hello my dear family and friends! What a crazy week it has been! Not
to worry though- I mean  crazy as in busy and also filled with some
stories to share :) The beginning of the past week was a lot of fun!
Our district went around to the University of Sussex and got to hand
out flyers for our "Meet the Mormons" movie night. Throughout this
past week, more and more students have been coming in for the school
year so it's been a great opportunity to share with them the Gospel.
Being at the university campus though takes me back to the memories of
myself being at Utah State campus. It's fun to be able to be on the
missionary perspective though and getting to worry about sharing the
Gospel than having to stress about a big scary exam or something. As
we got to the university, each companionship then split up from the
group and went to find. Sister Wang and I went to contact one of our
friends but she didn't end up being home so we went around and talked
to some people. One of the people we met was a guy named Will! Will
was actually working for his job and delivering pizza by the
university when we stopped and talked to him. As we shared with him
about the Book of Mormon, he pointed to it and said, "Can I have one?"
Sister Wang and I love that question! We were able to give him one and
set up a return appointment with him. The next day, we were able to do
some service and go to the Bishop's home. Sister Wang and I and Laura
(Bishop's wife) got to make popcorn balls with toffee sauce and also
melted marshmallows and it was very fun! We also texted everyone in
our phone to invite them to the movie night and got some replies back
for some who wanted to come! One of those miracles included a lady
named Philimenia. I need to share with you first how it was that we
met her and what the result of the movie night was :D  So our district
printed out many flyers and got the news spread out to all of Brighton
that we would be having a movie night. One day, we decided to go to
Churchill Square (the big shopping center) and hand out flyers the
week previous to the event. As we did so, we felt prompted to go and
talk to a lady named Philimenia. As we approached her, she smiled and
said, "I know you guys!" We recognised her as well and it turns out we
had talked to her a month or so ago and had given her a Book of
Mormon. We got to invite her and her three children to the "Meet the
Mormons" movie night and she was very excited! The evening of the
movie night approached and Philimenia called us asking us how to get
to the church. We were able to guide her there and her and her
children all got to see the movie! The amazing part of it too was that
her 20 month year old stayed pretty quiet the whole time so Philimenia
could enjoy the movie, her 6 year old wanted to know where the
children's class was, and her 13 year old daughter told us afterwards
that really enjoyed the film. After the movie ended, we turned to
Philimenia and asked, "How did you feel?" She replied, "I felt
something a lot and I want to know when your church service time is!"
What an incredible miracle! We know we are in the midst of the season
of miracles and that the Lord is truly preparing the hearts of His
children. The Lord is so good and He knew the efforts we made for this
movie night and we know that He truly provided. We were able to also
have some less-active friends show up and members there as well who
helped fellowship. The work is going great! We were able to see some
of our friends who have expressed their interest in coming out to
church. We needed to explain though that this week would be General
Conference and they sounded even more excited that they could be a
part of that. I'm excited to see what this next week has in store for
us. Sister Wang and I have felt ourselves getting better and better in
the different aspects of the work that we are trying to improve in. We
know that the season of miracles is here. Of course, there's lots of
opposition that we faced this past week but we saw that as we trusted
God, all the hard things become easier and we receive even an a
greater amount of blessings from Him. I love you all and hope you have
a great week! Thanks for all your support and love!!!!
Sister Burtis

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