Thursday, September 22, 2016

The tender mercies of the Lord!

Seven Sisters

Hello family and friends! I'm excited to continue to share with you
what has happened this past week. Our Brighton district and the
Eastbourne district got to go to seven sisters and it was a lot of
fun! I honestly felt as if I was walking in a painting. It all almost
seemed like a dream. It was made a reality though when all of us felt
the heat and humidity. It was very hot that day! It left us feeling
tired but we were able to get ourselves prepared to find the people
nonetheless. This week, Sister Wang and I have been pushing to find
new investigators and also invite everyone we meet to the "Meet the
Mormons" movie night. We are excited because it's going to take place
in a couple of days and many of the friends we have and potentials say
that they'll be coming and we have faith that they will! Sister Wang
and I were able to teach many people that we met about the restoration
and we got to set return appointments with them! One of my most
memorable lessons was with a lady named Annie! We got a member to come
with us to the teach and we were able to teach Annie and felt the
spirit strongly. Jamal, her little boy, was running around but he was
often keen and keeping silent for the important parts of the lesson.
What was cool too is that Jamal's dad was there and he took the time
to listen. We said hello to him and as we shook his hand, he told us
that he had met us just a week or two ago on on the Main Street next
to the shops. Our memory was brought back and Sister Wang and I
realized how small of a world it was and realized that we did talk to
him earlier! Super cool! It just goes to show that talking to everyone
is very important because you never know who you will run into again.
Annie has accepted to read the Book of Mormon and she is willing to
learn more! The Lord does truly provide. We were able to see a good
number of our friends this previous week and it's a week that I won't
forget. I've been able to see so many tender mercies from the Lord and
I know that He is truly watching over us. This week and past week has
been a series of a reflection over the course of my mission. It's
suddenly hit me that my mission is a lot farther than I want it to be
and I was sad. Being set apart from the world is great and I love it.
I hope to continue to give my all to the Lord in the time I have left
and I know I have much to learn throughout the course of these next
week! I love you all and remember that the time the Lord gives to us
throughout each stage of our lives is precious and we should always
treasure it!
Sister Burtis

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